To Empower People In Choosing The Top Ten Best Products And Services


Top Ten Insider came into creation considering the fact that there was a total lack of a definite product listing for the top ten products in every technological category. Before Top Ten Insider was launched in the market, people had to face a lot of difficulty in researching about a particular product in the market and go through the various product specifications and reviews on different websites, before they could finally zero-in on the best product based on their requirements. Considering this definite need to reduce the amount of time and effort people spend on researching about a particular product or service, we came up with Top Ten Insider as an highly effective solution for the same. A highly proficient team of experts list down the various products in the market and as per the users’ reviews and ratings rank those products accordingly in the top ten list. This inevitably helps the common layman to simplify his search options and ultimately choose the best product or service in that particular category.


Ankit Dudhwewala

One of the founding members of Top Ten Insider, Ankit has been extensively involved in leading this organization to greater heights in the market. He completed his Bachelors from Symbiosis, Pune and his Masters from NMIMS respectively. His first corporate experience can be attributed to his Directorial Leadership at Salud Care Pvt. Ltd.

His indefinite passion in bringing new technology to the economic forefront and providing highly simplified solutions has been the simple reason behind his unwavering involvement and contribution in the Top Ten Insider. His unquenchable thirst for discovering fresh and new ideas and executing them with due diligence is what characterizes him as the revolutionary icon in the present Corporate Sector.

Piyush Patel

This Geeky and Genius personality is the reason behind the implementation of the highly smooth and effective technological application of top ten insider. He possesses excellent expertise in the various sectors of technology, including Mobile Application Development, Programming, Java, UX/UI Development, Android, Sip Protocol, Social Network Integration, Software Development, etc.

The other Founding Member of Top Ten Insider, Piyush completed his Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering in 2010 from Dharamsinh Desai University, Nadiad and since then, he has been actively involved in the development of technological innovations and real time implementation of various technological aspects.

Apart from being a technological genius, Piyush can also be spotted out with reading as his primary leisure time activity. His avid personality and his passionate love for technology have proved him to be rightful role model for every youth in the Corporate Tech Sector.


Top Ten Insider empowers each and every individual with the rightful knowledge of the trending technological innovations and products in the market. It provides you with a comprehensive list of all the Top Ten Products/Services of every technological category, thus helping you in making better and smarter choices, ALWAYS !!